Sequence Compression Benchmark

254 compressor settings don't have data covering all selected datasets

2bit, ac-fa-1, ac-fa-2, ac-fa-3, ac-fa-4, ac-fa-5, ac-fa-6, ac-fa-7, ac-seq-1, ac-seq-2, ac-seq-3, ac-seq-4, ac-seq-5, ac-seq-6, ac-seq-7, alapy-b, alapy-f, alapy-m, beetl-b50-zst1, beetl-b50-zst22, beetl-b200-zst1, beetl-b200-zst22, beetl-b500-zst1, beetl-b500-zst22, blast, cmix, dcom-9, dcom-10, dcom-11, dcom-12, dcom-13, dcom-14, dcom-15, dcom-16, dcom-17, dcom-18, dcom-19, dcom-20, dcom-21, dcom-22, dcom-23, dcom-24, dcom-25, dcom-26, dcom-27, dcom-28, dcom-29, dcom-30, dlim, dnax-0, dnax-1, dnax-2, dnax-3, dsrc-m0-1t, dsrc-m0-4t, dsrc-m1-1t, dsrc-m1-4t, dsrc-m2-1t, dsrc-m2-4t, fastqz-fast, fastqz-slow, fqs-1t, fqs-4t, fqzcomp-1, fqzcomp-2, fqzcomp-3, fqzcomp-4, fqzcomp-5, fqzcomp-6, fqzcomp-7, fqzcomp-8, geco-2-zs1, geco-2-zs22, geco-3-zs1, geco-3-zs22, geco-4-zs1, geco-4-zs22, geco-5-zs1, geco-5-zs22, geco-6-zs1, geco-6-zs22, geco-7-zs1, geco-7-zs22, geco-8-zs1, geco-8-zs22, geco-9-zs1, geco-9-zs22, geco-10-zs1, geco-10-zs22, geco2-1-zs1, geco2-1-zs22, geco2-2-zs1, geco2-2-zs22, geco2-3-zs1, geco2-3-zs22, geco2-4-zs1, geco2-4-zs22, geco2-5-zs1, geco2-5-zs22, geco2-6-zs1, geco2-6-zs22, geco2-7-zs1, geco2-7-zs22, geco2-8-zs1, geco2-8-zs22, geco2-9-zs1, geco2-9-zs22, geco2-10-zs1, geco2-10-zs22, geco2-11-zs1, geco2-11-zs22, geco2-12-zs1, geco2-12-zs22, geco2-13-zs1, geco2-13-zs22, geco2-14-zs1, geco2-14-zs22, geco2-15-zs1, geco2-15-zs22, geco3-1-zs1, geco3-1-zs22, geco3-2-zs1, geco3-2-zs22, geco3-3-zs1, geco3-3-zs22, geco3-4-zs1, geco3-4-zs22, geco3-5-zs1, geco3-5-zs22, geco3-6-zs1, geco3-6-zs22, geco3-7-zs1, geco3-7-zs22, geco3-8-zs1, geco3-8-zs22, geco3-9-zs1, geco3-9-zs22, geco3-10-zs1, geco3-10-zs22, geco3-11-zs1, geco3-11-zs22, geco3-12-zs1, geco3-12-zs22, geco3-13-zs1, geco3-13-zs22, geco3-14-zs1, geco3-14-zs22, geco3-15-zs1, geco3-15-zs22, geco3-16-zs1, geco3-16-zs22, gtz-1-1t, gtz-1-4t, gtz-9-1t, gtz-9-4t, harc-1t, harc-4t, jarvis-1, jarvis-2, jarvis-3, jarvis-4, jarvis-5, jarvis-6, jarvis-7, jarvis-8, jarvis-9, jarvis-10, jarvis-11, jarvis-12, kic-0-4t, kic-1-4t, kic-2-8-4t, leon-12, leon-13, leon-14, leon-15, leon-16, leon-17, leon-18, leon-19, leon-20, leon-21, leon-22, leon-23, leon-24, leon-25, leon-26, leon-27, leon-28, leon-29, leon-30, leon-31, lfastqc, lfqc-4t, mfc-1, mfc-2, mfc-3, minicom-1t, minicom-4t, naf-text-1, naf-text-2, naf-text-3, naf-text-4, naf-text-5, naf-text-6, naf-text-7, naf-text-8, naf-text-9, naf-text-10, naf-text-11, naf-text-12, naf-text-13, naf-text-14, naf-text-15, naf-text-16, naf-text-17, naf-text-18, naf-text-19, naf-text-20, naf-text-21, naf-text-22, naf-text-22-31, nakamichi, nuht, pbzip2-7-1t, pfish, pigz-11-1t, pigz-11-4t, quip, spring-l-1t, spring-l-4t, spring-s-1t, spring-s-4t, uht, xm-9-0.15-zs1, xm-9-0.15-zs22, xm-9-0.50-zs1, xm-9-0.50-zs22, xm-10-0.15-zs1, xm-10-0.15-zs22, xm-10-0.50-zs1, xm-10-0.50-zs22, xm-11-0.15-zs1, xm-11-0.15-zs22, xm-11-0.50-zs1, xm-11-0.50-zs22, xm-12-0.15-zs1, xm-12-0.15-zs22, xm-12-0.50-zs1, xm-12-0.50-zs22, xm-13-0.15-zs1, xm-13-0.15-zs22, xm-13-0.50-zs1, xm-13-0.50-zs22

Comparing 18 settings of 18 compressors

Step 1. Select test data

Genomes (less repetitive) Other datasets (more repetitive)
Aggregate results from multiple datasets using:
sum average

Step 2. Select compressors to compare

Sequence compressors
General-purpose compressors
Copy (no compression)
Include compressors
Include compressors
Use results from tests
Only best setting(s) in terms of
Sort by
Reverse sort order
Show only top entries
Link speed: Mbit/s (for estimating transfer time)
Show all values relative to


Step 3. Configure output


Column chart


Columns to show:

Value to plot:
Chart size: x pixels
Highlight specialized vs general-purpose compressors
X axis:
Fixed range: ..
Y axis:
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